"It was the very best time of my life and Vince's book helps me recall every treasured moment."

—Dick Van Dyke

"What an unexpected pleasure to read a book on a subject about which I thought I knew everything, only to find out that I didn't. A very serious contribution to understanding what really were the best years of my theatrical life. "

—Carl Reiner

"Wonderful! You got all the facts down in the right order. No embellishments. All the truth. Somebody finally got the whole story right."

—Rose Marie

"The Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book is the best reference book on my shelf. It makes it even more fun to watch the show, if that's possible."

—Morey Amsterdam

"Vince's tribute to our show offers as accurate a snapshot of the series—and the era that begat it—as any I've seen."

—Sheldon Leonard, Executive Producer

"I'm happy to report that this affectionate chronicle conjured up only the sweetest of memories. A great book—to be included in this study is quite an honor."

—John Rich, Director

"An amazing book! It's like you'd been there the whole time. It was a lot of fun for me to read and I learned a lot. Really terrific."

—Jay Sandrich, Assistant Director (Season One)

Drawing © 2010 Drew Friedman

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